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_________ About Viktor's Joy _________

Viktor's Joy is the musical project of Berlin-based Estonian songwriter Kaarel Malken. Through his autobiographical lyrics, supported by hypnotic guitar picking and a voice steady and low, Malken describes people, neighbourhoods, bus journeys – his interior and exterior world.

He released his first album "I Used to Be Clean" back in 2017. The album was voted 6th best Estonian album in the annual list compiled by ERR. Viktor's Joy has been lovingly named “the uncrowned king of sad music” in one of the reviews.

"Dog Walker is a documentary album, a sonic picture book of portraits and landscapes. It is a collage of fragmented events imprinted on to my being over a period of four years. It speaks of change, inevitable and relentless - within and without," he elaborates.

The album "Dog Walker" will be released on December 17th on vinyl and as a limited edition CD under Grainy Records (Mauno Meesit, V4R1, The Gentleman Losers).

Photo by

Elvira Akzigitova